Daisy's birds are carved in various positions (perched or flying)and different styles (realistic, decoy or "smoothie").  Her carvings include:
Birds of Prey such as: Eagles, Ospreys, Falcons, Owls
Shore birds such as:  Herons, Sandpipers, Swans, Gulls, Terns
Water Birds such as:  Loons, Puffins, Ducks
Songbirds such as:  Warblers, Hummingbirds, Finches,                   Cardinals, Jays, Chickadees
Symbolic Birds shown below such as:  Phoenix Rising, and Winged Peace
Bird carvings may be customized to suit the request of the client.
Each carving is unique and entirely carved by the artist. Prices are based on the project: its size, detail, pose, etc.  For example, a "Smoothie" could start at $100.
Daisy will gladly give you an estimate once she has communicated about the carving.